Gathering Voices was created in 2018 to be a collaborative network of Christian organisations that encourage churches to be fully inclusive and affirming of all people without regard of gender and sexuality.

Future of Gathering Voices

Since Gathering Voices was founded the team planned a series of conferences that focussed on each of the core values to give a discussion space and gathering together (initially in person, later remotely), drawing in contributions from people who were able to share from their lived experience.

Times have changed though, and the team realised that in the five years of Gathering Voices (and the previous years of the founding organisations) that the landscape has changed. Other organisations have developed with similar and complementary values – several have partnered with Gathering Voices – and we invite you to support organisations such as Open Table Network.

Our core values are that churches should:

  • Show welcome to everyone.
  • Embrace human diversity.
  • Demonstrate inclusion.
  • Provide affirmation of the gifts and calling of every individual.
  • Offer sanctuary and be a safe space.

We have presented a series of events, conferences, and resources aimed at enabling churches to move from welcome to full inclusion of everybody.

We intend that Gathering Voices is a safe place.

Vision statement

Inclusion is the right of every LGBTQIA+ person in the Christian community

Mission statement

We are passionate about improving the welcome and affirmation for all Christian LGBTQIA+ people. As an ecumenical organisation we do this by embracing collaborative working with LGBTQIA+ people and organisations, and their allies by creating safe spaces to enable, strengthen and challenge inclusion.

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