2021 Conference – Working together to create sanctuary

Exploring Christian safe space for LGBTQIA+ people

For 2021 we are exploring one of our key values “Offer sanctuary and be a safe space by adressing questions around how do we make our local church a safe space and offer sanctuary for everyone to grow and be nurtured.

Gathering Voices online conference this year brings together a range of organizations; Creating Sanctuary, QUEST, Open Table, and OneBodyOneFaith to explore creating a safe Christian space for LGBTQA+ people.

The keynote speakers, Alex Clare-Young (Creating Sanctuary) and Gerard Swann (QUEST), will share their insights and personal reflections on creating sanctuary and safeguarding in Christian settings.

Our churches have not always been safe spaces for LGBTQA+ people and there will opportunities to share insights and experiences in the workshops, to begin to explore current challenges and ways to move towards creating safe spaces.

More details will be announced as we firm up the programme, but we expect to follow a similar format to last year, with a mixture of pre-recorded talks, and live interactive sessions.


There are online resources that will help our discussion on issues related to creating sanctuary and safe spaces for LGBTQIA+peole in the church.
To get you started :

Save the date - 23 October 2021

We also acknowledge the financial contribution of Accepting Evangelicals in enabling the conference.

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