2020 Conference – 2020 Vision: Seeing more queerly

Breaking false binaries in gender and sexuality

Our conference will be a free online live event on October 17th – registrations are now open.

Register on Zoom!

We are hosting the event as a free Zoom meeting – to help create a safe environment, you need to register in advance, and you will need to create a free Zoom account if you do not already have one.

We will let registered delegates know how to sign up for the breakout groups a couple of weeks before the event.

Have your say!

We would like to make a reel of soundbites from Gathering Voices supporters and friends to show during the conference.

If you are able to (and happy for us to include a clip) could you video a quick answer (less than 30 seconds)  to one or more of these questions?

  • What does seeing more queerly mean?
  • What are false binaries?
  • How do we break/challenge false binaries?
  • What difference should it make?

Contact us at voices@gatheringvoices.info for more information!

Pre-conference panel discussion

To start unpacking our thinking on the topic, we were delighted to be joined by Alex Clare-YoungRachel Mann, and Jide Macaulay for a panel discussion to address some key questions:

  • What do we mean, and why do we need to see more queerly?
  • What does breaking false binaries mean?
  • What impact will seeing more queerly have on our Christian experiences?

 View transcript

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