Dr Carol Shepherd

Dr Carol Shepherd is a Sociology Lecturer at Andover College and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Winchester, UK.

Carol has done much research on the perception that bisexual Christians have on their selves and their sexuality, and frequently speaks on issues relating to bisexuality, Christianity, and mental health

Her book Bisexuality and the Western Christian Church: The Damage of Silence (2019, Palgrave) critically examines the lived experiences of bisexual Christians across a range of Christian traditions here in the UK and in the USA.

Under a psudonym, she also published an autobigraphical work 119: My Life as a Bisexual Christian – a personal account of how the system failed her as an individual, and the failure of a whole system to recognise and provide for a whole group of people within it.

Carol is secretary of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

You can follow @bispacemission on Twitter.

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