Mandy McBain MBE

Mandy McBain MBE

Mandy McBaid MBC is Client Account Manager for the Defence & Security Sector at Stonewall

Mandy McBain MBE is Client Account Manager for the Defence & Security Sector at Stonewall.

Before  joining Stonewall in 2012, she served 25 years in the Royal Navy: much of this time was before the ban was lifted preventing LGB servicemen & servicewomen serving.

Mandy established the first endorsed support network for LGBT personnel in RN and was instrumental in ensuring a Navy Board member was appointed as the LGBT Diversity Advocate. Mandy has contributed to numerous publications one of which was published in – ‘Managing Diversity in the Military: The value of inclusion in a culture of uniformity’.

Mandy was awarded an MBE on the 2012 NY Honours list for her contributions to the inclusivity agenda for the Naval Service, wider Defence and internationally, she also received an honorary degree from Exeter University in 2015 for her contributions to the field of E&D.

Continuing to raise awareness of the importance of unconditional inclusivity, Mandy believes that an understanding of this is vital when empowering people to reach their full potential. As a facilitator on all the Stonewall Leadership Programmes, including those for Allies, she encourages delegates to embrace the unique opportunity to reflect on the relationship between their identity as an LGBT person or an ally and their performance in the workplace.

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