Ruby Almeida

Photograph of Ruby Almeida

Ruby Almeida (pronouns she/her) is an LGBTQIA+ rights campaigner and lecturer. She set up Rainbow Catholics India and Bridge and Embrace, India, Catholic LGBT groups in India.
Born in Jodhpur, India and reared in deep seated religious practice, the Almeida identity was both strongly Catholic and Indian from an early age. After moving to England, she attended a Catholic school in Richmond, before embarking on a decades long career in the media industry. Training at the National Catholic Media and Radio Centre in North London, she produced documentaries for the Indian Space Organization and then formed her own video production company, primarily working for clients in the community sector and has worked for NGOs and Colleges in India. She was a Senior Lecturer in Film and Broadcast at London Metropolitan University. 

Ruby works for Landings, a programme to support baptised Catholics, once distanced from their faith who now wish to return to it.

Ruby is co-chair of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, current Chair of Bridge and Embrace, India, and is a former Chair of Quest, a pastoral support group for LGBT Catholics.


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